My name is Nancy and I am the founder of the KRAKTI. platform.

I will help you find the right facilitator and/or the right programs for your current Journey in a 'Journy Advice Consult'. 

What will we do?

  • Discover your next step in your Journey or;

  • Prioritize your steps;

  • Discover what you find important in your Facilitator;

  • Discover which way of working suits you best;

  • Discuss possible Facilitators.


I will not only take into account your whishes, I will also see who's energy matches yours the most as of right now.​


A Journey Advice consult will take no longer than 45 minutes and the energy exchange will be €11,11.


Did you know that the number 1 stands for new beginnings? Let's make a start today! 

Er kan momenteel niets worden geboekt. Probeer het later opnieuw.


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