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Mathilde Maria Nai
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Cinematic photography tells a story; it is like a still from a movie. The atmosphere, clothing and location all tell you a story but at the same time it creates questions and evokes feelings. Where is this person going? What is she thinking? I want to create that story with you and capture you as the main character in your own movie. You can be a drug lord behind your desk plotting your next takedown, you can be a femme fatale ready for her mission or perhaps you are starring in a gritty French romance movie. Put yourself in a role that empowers you and watch it become a reality.


I am a cinematic fashion photographer and I am obsessed with creating stories in my work. Ever since I was young I was overflowing with stories and creating them in my head, longing to see them become a reality. I strive to evoke emotion through my work's atmosphere and storytelling. I want to tell stories of empowered women, of people who are proud of their heritage and not afraid to show it, I want all of these things to become a reality in front of our eyes through my work. 

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