5 Easy Ways to Connect with and Stay Close to Yourself

We all know that icky feeling when you have strayed away from yourself and your own energy. It doesn't feel right and sometimes you just want to downright cry.

As we are going to quite some heavy energyshifts right now, I wanted to shortly touch upon 5 easy ways which you can use to connect with yourself and to make sure you stay close to yourself. These heavy energy shifts is also the reason why I made this post a bit more glittery; let's raise those vibes!

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and are still half asleep? That is the perfect moment to connect with your Higher Self. At this point you are able to connect to your subconscious easier, because your conscious mind is not fully awake. If you then set the intention while in this state of being, your subconscious takes it in and will make sure that your intention will be carried out for the rest of the day.

If you can program your subconsicous with your intention, so can other forms of information! That's why it is important to wait untill you are fully grounded and your conscious mind is awake, so you can not be influenced by things around you. You want to connect with your (Higher Self) first before anything else!

Even though this might feel weird in the beginning; trust me this is so powerful! You know that story of you not being good enough, not being smart enough not being [fill in blank] enough? That story is so persistent, because you repeated it to yourself long enough. Luckily you are strong enough to do so, because now you can choose to change the narrative. I can't hear you... what are you? POWERFUL? YES, ABSOLUTELY!!

We all need reminders of how worthy of love and belonging we are. And sometimes, or preferably all of the times, words of affirmation need to be accompanied with touch. Don't wait until someone else hugs you and tells you you are valuable, take the lead and do it yourself. You will be amazed what happens when you do so with an open heart!

Let go of everything that you have consciously or unconsciously accumulated and call back all of your precious energy that is still elsewhere. Come back to your own energy before you fall asleep.

I hope these reminders have been helpful. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!


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