The Story of How I Became a Yoga Teacher

So let me entertain you with a little story. Perfect just for bedtime, and can summarized in one sentence:

I never planned on becoming a Yoga teacher, it just happened.

Some people know exactly what they want to become professionally. A doctor, dance teacher, whatever. I used to as well, but after the age of 17 I did not know anymore. One thing I am certain of, is that for as long as I can remember I wanted to do something to help other beings (a veterinarian, psychologist, water engineer in a 3rd world country), but I never did any of those things. After that last wish wasn't an option anymore due to "wrong" choices in my study career, I never really had a specific profession in mind. I switched from having a professin in mind to wanting to contribute to a healthy earth. As earth is what we al depend on and doesn't have an an audibe voice for most of the people on this planet, I found myself fit to be its spokesperson. I then started my environmental mission by co-founding a fairtrade and sustainbility focused start up, entering sustainability think-tanks, implementing a sustainable lifestyle and chasing sustainability within the companies I work(ed) at were ways I felt I could contribute. By this I was living my purpose fully - so I thought.

In november 2018, when winter was coming and I felt my winter mood coming up, I decided I would book a holiday in January. As I wanted to do something to evolve myself, I started looking for Yoga retreats. That's when I saw the many Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT) that are offered in India. As one of my colleagues already did a YTT in India, I got inspired by her and decided I would do the same. Not to teach, but just to enhance my own skills, be in the warmth of a tropical country and grow closer to myself. Yoga had already meant so much for me*, that I had no doubt this "holiday" would help me grow. And so it happened; in January 2019 I went to Varkala for a 200 hour Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.

*more about this in a future blog

After weeks of sweating and sore muscles

When I came back, I had no plans to start teaching. I had gathered so many reasons not to; I wasn't as flexible as the others, there are many Yoga teachers in Amsterdam and ofcourse "Who do you think you are, teaching Yoga!". So I just did my excercises at home, but I felt a niggle; I should do something with teaching Yoga. I thus slowly started posting videos of myself on my IG to let myself gradually get used to being out there, and being connected to Yoga in a different way than a practitioner in classes.

For your timeline information; I came back on the 7th of February and had a Ayahuasca ceremony on the 15th of March. Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that can bring you closer to your own Source. This connection stays enhanced for days or even weeks. So in the days after the ceremony I "just"started to think of a company name and a Purpose - and KRAKTI. was born. Even though I was still doubtful, I just kept generating concepts and ideas, because I knew what I wanted; I wanted to share with others what Yoga has meant and done for me. I wanted to facilitate empowerment. I felt like the messenger and an example of how Yoga can bring you back to your own force. So I started renting my own space in Hoofddorp, to teach every Sunday. Then Joyce, the owner of the wonderful JSX studio's in Amsterdam, gave me the chance to practice my therapeutic way of teaching in her studio's. From there other opportunities arose to also practice with "regular" classes, so I could become more confident.

Now I facilitate classes and enjoying it every time!

The Yoga class I facilitated at the opening of the new JSX Studio in Amsterdam

And that my people is how I, Nancy became a Yoga teacher. I never planned to become one, it just happened...!

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