Meet our Yoga Facilitator: Nancy

Nancy facilitates Yoga classes and corporate Pranayama (breathing) sessions at KRAKTI. In this blog you can read about her Yoga journey and what her main aim is during her classes.

Many of us have had many different answers throughout our lives to the famous question of: "What do you want to become when you grow up?". The same goes for our Empowerment Facilitator Nancy. Even though her answers were quite diverse and went from vetinarian to psychologist to sanitation engineer at Doctors Without Borders, there was always one thing in common; her intrinsic motivatin to contribute something to the world.

Nothing less of a surprise that she joined the KRAKTI.!

Nancy first came into contact with yoga when she was 11 years old. Her mother was doing the Dru Yoga teacher training and sent her and her older brother to a yoga youth camp in Wales. Even though she really liked the camp, it was more than 10 years later, when she was studying Health Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, that she began doing Yoga again. She started with Yin Yoga first, because it helped her focus on herself and accept uncomfortable situations. She found the Yoga classes quite hard though, because she felt she was not flexible enough. That led to a lot of irritation during classes, which made her practice less. During her master Environmental and Energy she stopped practicing. When she graduated and started working fulltime, she remembered the benefit of the Yin classes and started practicing yoga again weekly. Noticing that yoga really helped her to stay physically and mentally at her best, she did the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in India with the goal to deepen her practice. Since then she has facilitated weekly corporate breathing sessions (pranayama) and started giving Yoga classes next to working in the corporate sector as a systems engineer.

"Sometimes it is enough to just feel what you feel - you do not have to necessarily pin words to everything."

Nancy's main goal in her sessions is to connect mind and heart, ratio and feeling. That is why she adds scientific explanations where possible and appropriate. And even though she believes that this could lead to more understanding of the physical and mental benefits of Yoga and Pranayama, she also believes that not everything has to be explained in words. "Sometimes it is enough to just feel what you feel - you do not have to necessarily pin words to everything."

Nancy teaches in both English and Dutch.

Curious about her classes? Book them here or send us a message.

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