Platform for Empowerment: KRAKTI. is changing its course!

Bijgewerkt: 18 dec 2020

Just to give you all the information in the first paragraph; KRAKTI. is now officially a platform where you can find empowerment and offer empowerment on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level!

Empowerment Facilitators

On the new platform you will find different Empowerment Facilitators (EF's). Empowerment Facilitators are people who identify as healers, coaches, therapists and all other forms of facilitating others in their empowerment. Each EF will have their own page on the website, so you can see what services they offer and how the present themselves.


The different Empowerment Facilitators will each be presented in one or more of the following categories:

  • Business Empowerment

Here you can find facilitators who help you bring your business to the next level.

  • Body Empowerment

Facilitators who work to empower the body through excercise, food, massages and so on, can be found in this category.

  • Female Empowerment

Some facilitators offer services especially for women. Think of wumb detoxes and massages.

  • Mind Empowerment

The facilitators in this category help you with your mindset. Think of meditation for example!

  • Spiritual Empowerment

In this category you can find facilitators who have finetunes their High Sensitivity and who can help you on the more subtle layers of your existence.

The different categories under which you can find faciliators

The Community at the forum

Everyone is welcome at our forum. There will be a special group just for Facilitators, so you can exchange knowledge and support eachother.

There will also be a Community forum accesible for everyone, where you can get inspired, inspire others and meet like minded people; people who have a wish to grow on all levels of their existence. Facilitators will also be present in this Community so they can answer questions and have questions answered themselves.

Facilitators of Color

The founder of KRAKTI. (Nancy) experienced herself that finding facilitators or healers of color are less easier to find than white healers. This for sure has many reasons, but KRAKTI. is here to solve this issue that Nancy encountered. We therefore urge all facilitators of color to let themselves be known and to join the platform! White, purple or green facilitators are also welcome. We do not exclude any (absence of) color.

Can anyone join?

Yes and no. Everyone is welcome to apply, though not everyone will be placed on the site. We want to offer a safe space and a genuine environment for everyone to learn. It is therefore important that your vibe as a facilitator is powerful and centered within yourself. If you want to apply you can do so here.

How can I join?

You can either join as a Community member or facilitator or both by going to this page.

Let's spread the word and spread healing within our Community!

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