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Trajectories are for those who would like a less scattered and more focused plant medicine journey, and exist of at least:

  • 2 coaching sessions before the ceremony;

  • 1 private psilocybin ceremony;

  • 2 coaching/integration sessions after the ceremony;

additional ceremonies or online sessions can be booked afterwards.

By offering two sessions before the ceremony, we have the chance to understand each other. This creates deeper safety for you, and at the same time a better understanding of how I can support you. The sessions after can help you integrate the experience better - especially as we were both present.

My aim in my work is always to empower you. This means that I want you to feel and experience that you have all the strength, power, wisdom and love within you - even though many of us have been taught that we should look for it outside of ourselves.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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