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At the moment I only offer private psilocybin ceremonies, or ceremonies for max. 2 participants. I have noticed that for many people this is the best way to connect with the medicine. It also ensures a safe and authentic connection between the participant and the facilitator, which will massively help during your psilocybin journey.

My way of working

 I will make sure you have the optimal environment to connect to yourself, with the help of the medicine. When you connect to the medicine, you will be able to do your healing (or re-connecting to your purest state) yourself. I will assist you in your process with different methods and tools - from the western/scientific/therapeutic, as well as the shamanic/spiritual point of view. I am however not a shaman or a healer. That's a role that I feel that everyone should fulfill for themselves. And I will be your biggest cheerleader :).

Before the ceremony, a preparation call will be planned. You can share your intention and talk about  how to prepare and what to expect. During the ceremonies you will be encouraged to lay down and go inside. I will be there to offer guidance and support, with the main goal being to provide a safe environment for you to confidently go through your own process. After the ceremony we will have something to eat together and close off this beautiful process together. When you get home you can plan in an integration call.


  • the day will be guided in Dutch or English;

  • a 50 minute preparation call and a 50 integration call are included;

  • the ceremony day last about 6,5 to 7 hours. You can decide on your starting time;

  • after the ceremony, a light meal will be served; 

  • there is room for 2 participants;

  • the price is €450,- per person ;

  • the location is in The Netherlands, 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport and easily reachable by public transport;

  • if you would like to come with someone else,  please send me a message before booking at We offer ceremonies for a maximum of 2 people;

  • please note that we do not serve "heroic doses". We work with what they call "moderate" to "high doses".


Booking process:

  • You can apply for a ceremony by finding a suitable date below and filling out the booking form; 

  • After reviewing your intake form you will get a go/ no-go; 

  • We will then send you the payment details; 

  • After we've received full payment, you will receive a link to book your first preparation session!

Exclusion criteria

Unfortunately you cannot participate in a psilocybin ceremony if:

  • You or one of your family members have had schizophrenia or bipolar disorder;

  • You're younger than 21 (preferably you are 25 or older. This criteria has to do with brain plasticity and brain development);

  • You're on anti-depressants and are not able to taper off under supervision of your medical doctor;

  • You have  a strong relationship with cannabis, and are not able to stop at least 1 month before the ceremony.


If you're really keen on joining and above criteria exclude your participation, "altering the truth" might seem like a smart move - but please also take into account the bigger perspective. Above criteria are not just your safety or mine, but also not to spoil the current positive wave that's being spread with regards to plant medicines.

Available dates

No events at the moment
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