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"Krakti" means force, strength or power in Sranantongo - the language of Suriname. The intention behind KRAKTI. is to facilitate safe spaces in which you can (re-)connect with your purest Self. We aim to work, and integrate all levels of your Being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual / energetic level.


We offer safe spaces with different tools, such as Yoga, breathwork, plant medicines, cognitive behavioural therapy and Soul Retrieval. Even though you can find many tools here, we like to use them in the most simple way, and always with the intention to connect with our own purity. Less is definitely more.

​How it began

Nancy founded KRAKTI. in  the beginning of 2019 to start teaching Healing Yoga courses in Amsterdam. Her parents are from Surinamese descend - hence the choice to take a Surinamese word for her enterprise.

Nancy is calm and loves to laugh and joke. Her way of working is very simple. She doesn't see herself as a "healer" but more as a "reminder" in your process. And often a reminder is all we need to see and feel how much love and joy we already have within us. It is then upto us to truly embody this love and joy, and through authetnic embodiment we will spread it out into the world, and we will all serve as a reminder for each other.

To change the world, you just need to live from a place of purity, authenticity and joy.


About Nancy

(speaks Dutch, English & Spanish)


"A lot of what I'm doing at Krakti is thanks to my mother. Growing up she was the one that introduced me to things like meditation, yoga and energy work (reiki) from a young age. In 2009 she talked to me about doing ayahuasca in Brazil. I however decided not to "deal" with all that and followed a very rational and scientific path.


After years of depression however, I knew I needed a change and I slowly started rediscovering all the things my mom had taught me, and more. I started meditating again and did a Yoga teacher training in India. I also entered the plant medicine world in 2016 and slowly but surely through experience, I started to learn how these medicines work.

Inner peace and freedom are very important to me and in my work. I therefore intent to let all of you find new levels, and meaning to what inner peace and freedom means to you personally.


As part of this I prefer staying away from any labels, titles and boxes such as "shaman" or "healer". I feel they do not contribute to my inner peace. They create stories, patterns and images, which in turn create limitations and take away our freedom to authentically move through life. It's also not the title, outfit or certificate that makes you a healer or a shaman or impactful, it's the way you live your life.

Also, we are all healers and shamans - first and foremost for ourselves. Healing in my opinion, is to be able to live from our own Heart space / authenticity.  And when we allow ourselves to live from the heart space, and be authentic and true, we contribute to the healing of the world.

My dream for the future is setting up a small scale safe space in nature, where permaculture, plant medicines, animals and people can meet in joy and peace."

Below I would like to share (relevant) tangible credentials that might say something on a rational level - but that don't necessarily mean anything :

  • B.Sc. in Health Science with a minor in psychology;

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy ;

  • Inner Child therapy;

  • Reiki I;

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training;

  • working with plant medicines (huachuma and psilocybin) as a profession since 2020;

  • Soul Realignment practitioner;

  • Permaculture Design Certificate;

  • Shamanic practitioner in the Sandra Ingerman line;

  • Curanderismo mentorship with Erika Buenaflor (ongoing);

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, still in training);

  • Living a human existence  (forever in training and by far the best credential on this list ;)).


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