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-Bookings closed until February 2024-

The goal of a Soul Realignment session is to Realign your Soul and your current life with its original blueprint. We do this by recognizing and acknowledging your Soul's gifts, finding out how come you're currently not fully embodying your gifts, and also where you might be leaking precious energy. My work in a Soul Realignment session, consists of gathering information about your soul from the Akashic records. I will do this before our session, and during our online session I will present the found information to you. Together we will discuss ways to actively implement the resonating findings into your life. We will do this on the physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual level. A clearing of all that is not aligned anymore is also included. You will notice that by aligning all of your Being to the blueprint of your Soul, your life will feel more harmonious and in flow. Noticeable changes after the sessions are a sense of relief, and often months after the sessions things will click into place. I often hear from clients "I finally understand what you were saying during that reading!" - so give yourself time as well!

​​Sessions are presented live online, or you can choose for a recorded version.

You can read more in the description below.

Interested in learning this modality as well? You can follow a free webinar here.



I felt so energized after the reading. Filled with new hope and ready to start choosing to live more aligned. I would definitely recommend this reading.


During the reading I could recognize a lot of myself, it is nice to hear where certain traits or impulses come from. I've had some good aha moments and now understand better why certain activities are energy guzzlers or energy givers for me. Nancy can explain well what she encountered and gives you a positive feeling regardless of the outcome. She is very sweet and caring and you can feel that through the screen. She also gives practical examples so that you can make a plan of action for yourself if you want to. At the end of the session I was given clearing homework. Well worth it! This helps me one step further in my self-development.


It was a lot of information. It's amazing how there's so much you are not aware of. Looking forward to our next session.

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