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as taught by Sandra Ingerman

In a Shamanic Extraction & Soul Retrieval session I will do a Shamanic journey to find out if there's anything within your energy field that isn't serving you anymore. Once removed, I will do another journey to look for lost Soul parts and journey them back. If you aren't connected to a (spirit) animal guide yet, I can help you connect with them. For more information, keep reading.



Generally I'm a big fan of you doing your own spiritual and energetic work, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator. During a Shamanic Extraction & Soul Retrieval however, "I" will be doing the work for you. There is a reason for this. When you experience Soul loss (more about that below), or when there are interfering energies in your system, you don't always have access to your full spectrum of energy. In this case it can be harder to do your work, you might be held back, or it's difficult to see through a situation. It can then be helpful for someone else to open up or kick start the process, so you can then continue yourself.

When is a session helpful?

Most of you will feel drawn to do a session intuitively, and that already indicates that a session could be helpful. To understand it on a more rational level, there's some terminology that is useful to know.


The first is the concept of Soul Loss. Soul loss in Shamanism happens when we are in a difficult situation that we perceive as traumatic, dangerous or impossible to deal with for example. At such a moment you can send a piece (or a big chunk) of your Soul away to some other place, to keep it safe. The problem is however, that if we lose parts of our Soul, this will translate into our daily life as feeling lost, disconnected and not fully ourselves. Soul loss also impacts our (access to our) life force.

In psychology Soul loss would be called dissociation; a process where one mentally disconnects from feelings, sensation, the body, memories and sense of identity.

The process of Soul Retrieval  is that where the lost Soul part(s) are being retrieved back to you. It's interesting to know that you can actually do this yourself in meditation, and it also happens during plant medicine journeys!

To understand the third concept, which is Shamanic Extraction, we first need to understand that if we send away parts of our Soul, that this creates empty places. These empty places can be filled up with energies that are possibly useful, but are not necessarily ours. To refer back to psychology, when we dissociate from ourselves, we can follow by taking on a coping mechanism to keep us going. Coping mechanisms are useful - but are not the authentic version of us.

Before doing a Soul Retrieval it's thus important to remove any redundant energies through Shamanic Extraction. This not only creates space for the lost Soul part(s) to come back, it will also make that the lost Soul part(s) will feel safe coming back, and overall it's nice to not have any inessential energies in your system.

Then the last concept is your (spirit) animal guide. Some people have one, some more. There's lots to read about it, but the most important thing is that your animal guide can help you throughout your life - if we ask them and if we connect to them. If you're not sure who your animal guides are, I can check in for you, so you can start connecting with them yourself.

What can I expect from or after a session?

Shamanic journeying is not an exact science. This means that information could be shared with me that you don't find useful, or that you don't understand rationally. Sometimes I don't even understand! In Shamanic work I don't necessarily work with tangible and dense energy forms (e.g. I could see and feel an energy resolving in a certain part of your body, but I have no clue what this energy was related to). It's therefore important to have trust. If you feel you don't have trust, I would recommend skipping a session, as I simply won't be able to satisfy your rational brain.

After a session you might feel some changes however. At first you might feel tired or drained. This is because your (energetic) system has changed, and you need to adapt. After a day or two you might feel that memories and feelings are coming back to you, and over time you will feel more whole, alive and with more energy.

Personally I also find it important that you also take extra care of the Soul parts that have been brought back. For some of you these Soul parts have been gone for years, and they've been sent away because it wasn't safe. If you put in some extra love and work in making them feel safe, welcome, seen and loved - you will notice that you are able to tap into the strength of these lost Soul part(s) much quicker and easier. You will also receive tips & tricks from me with regards to this topic.

Practical information​​

  • Bookings can be planned from March 2024 onward;

  • The extraction & retrieval are done by me, the results are shared with you online, or you can choose for a recorded version;

  • I also offer in-person sessions in Hoofddorp (NL) or when I'm traveling. Please send me a message beforehand;

  • If you're struggling with a specific topic, e.g. health, relationships, feeling blocked etc., you can mention this in the intake form. I will then focus the healing around that topic.

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